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50ficlets: #23 - Aches and Pains

For 50ficlets challenge, table 5, prompt #23 - Aches and Pains. ((:
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong; slight Yoochun/Junsu
Rating: PG13
Length: 615 words

Jaejoong tilts his head to the side, using a hand to gently massage his shoulder, working out the kinks that had formed throughout the day. He pads towards Yoochun and Junsu’s room, the door clicking shut behind him. Junsu doesn’t raise an eyebrow to his hyung’s actions; he knows he’s going to be sleeping in Changmin’s room tonight. Jaejoong needs comforting from Yoochun, needs to lay his head upon a supportive shoulder, needs to cry.

Junsu lets his gaze drift over to Yunho, who’s just come in through the front door. His face is dark, angry, muscles tight from irritation and fatigue. Without a word, Yunho storms menacingly into his own room, the door slamming close with a sound that reverberates through the tense apartment.

Yoochun opens his arms out wide, letting his best friend fall into his embrace, knowing the older man is at the end of his wits. Jaejoong is grateful that Yoochun hugs him snug, allows him to wet his sweatshirt with tears that overflow with emotion and love. His body hurts, aches from all the overworked muscles and nerves and he doesn’t even know which part of his self is not in pain.

Jaejoong sobs quietly, his heart smattered into a thousand silvers by unforgiving words and callous tones. They hurt so much; make his heart so pained, so wounded. He wonders why he even let the other man into his heart, knowing fully that the verbal brawls they took part in would leave both of them shattered thoroughly.

And the physical pain, the emotional pain, the psychological pain, it all overwhelms him and he breaks down, screaming and yelling at the other man. It’s not like he wants to flare up, it’s just that sometimes Yunho keeps pushing and pushing and pushing at the barriers to his sanity that he can’t help but lose it, can’t help but yell and shout at the younger man, exchanging harsh words and breaking both their hearts.

Then Jaejoong pulls out of their argument, makes an excuse, and holes himself up in Yoochun’s room, seeking solace in those warm arms wrapped around his body and the tears that sometimes stain his best friend’s face as well. Yunho doesn’t understand why Jaejoong only finds true comfort in Yoochun, doesn’t comprehend why their quarrels always end up mentioning Yoochun and Junsu.

Maybe it’s because those two are forever happy and blissful, because they don’t fight at all, because everything goes so smoothly for them. Perhaps it’s because Yunho’s jealous of Jaejoong’s close friendship with Yoochun, those nights spent in bars drinking and sharing pieces of their lives with each other. Maybe it’s because they’re not as at loggerheads as them, because they don’t continuously have different opinions and preferences.

Yunho knows it’s because he’s jealous. He is. And the jealousy rakes through him like a fever, making him sweat and his head throb in pain. It adds to the already-present physical pain, and the somewhat self-inflicted emotional and psychological pain. Jaejoong is the love of his life; why do they even quarrel?

Jaejoong knows why they argue. Because they love, and their love is strong, deep, unmoving. But their personalities differ too much, too much to compromise, and they end up in word combat, again and again. Yet, everything has to be thrown out, all their disapprovals and opinions and thoughts and dreams, then the tension between them is cleared – at least temporarily. And they understand each other a little more.

The aches and pains will constantly be there, because it is through these aches and pains that they grow stronger, deeper, firmer in their love.

And because… True love is never a bed of roses.
Tags: challenge: 50ficlets, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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