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50ficlets: #10 - Light and Dark

For 50ficlets challenge, table 5, prompt #10 - Light and Dark. ((:
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Rating: PG13
Length: 477 words

Jaejoong enjoys the darkness of pubs, lit by only thin beams of colourful lights that play and flash over clubbers. It’s in the dim light of these places that he can find just that meagre bit of privacy, where he is just one of those slightly drunk people dancing out there. The loud thump – thump – thump of bass beats through the speakers flow in his body, allowing him to lose himself in music and dancing.

Yunho watches on from their booth as Jaejoong swishes his head from side to side, body moving sensually to the music. He sips soju, glancing around the pub. Dark isn’t exactly what he likes; it makes him more wary than usual, but Jaejoong seems to love it so much. Yunho doesn’t understand why.

To him, dark represents the unknown, something that perhaps he will never want to know. Yunho half expects a monster to just jump out at him from the shadows, maybe tackle him down and abduct him. No one would even notice, he muses, everything’s simply too dark and too noisy.

Yunho prefers the bright light of the day, of proper offices and dance studios. Where everything is apparent, and nothing is left unseen to the eye. He feels safe in the light, feels like everything is in place, in order. Doesn’t want to lose control over anything. Wants to know exactly what is happening.

He can’t do that in the darkness.

But Jaejoong revels in the dark. He likes to be hidden, to shy away from crowds and the overwhelming flashes of cameras that blind his eyes. He would rather let Fate take its course; let life be lived just the way it should be. Jaejoong would prefer not to take on responsibilities, just live life the way he wants to, the way he was meant to. And he gets upset, sometimes, when Yunho wants to be in full control.

Jaejoong doesn’t understand why Yunho just cannot acknowledge the fact that everything has already been planned out for them, that he could just live life without a single care in the world. He doesn’t comprehend why Yunho has to stare at schedules everyday, make so many calls and remain at the top of their work. So Jaejoong brings him along to his haven, where he feels he can just be who he is – not Youngwoong Jaejoong, but just Kim Jaejoong.

Yunho takes another long drink of soju, gaze trailing onto his boyfriend once more. Jaejoong catches his gaze, hooking a finger towards him, inviting him to the dance floor. The leader hesitates, biting his bottom lip.

And then he joins Jaejoong out there on the dance floor, sensually moving together, and spending time with each other, under those thin beams of colourful lights.

Because sometimes, light and dark need to complement each other.

And they do, so very well.
Tags: challenge: 50ficlets, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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